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Category: Computer & SoftwareQ: How to create a Rest API with Java Spring Framework using Jersey for the client side I am using the Spring Framework with Java and I want to create a rest service using it. I have created the API using the Jersey API. I need to send a list of objects as the request body from the client. I am using Spring Framework and I am not quite sure how to create the request and how to handle the responses. How should I handle the requests and responses for the requests and what should be the return types for the methods. Is there any open source project available that can help me to get an idea of how to handle the requests and how to handle the responses? A: I have created the API using the Jersey API. That is the wrong API. The Jersey API is for building a REST web application. Jersey is a web server. Spring and Jersey are complementary. Spring is for building POJOs that can be serialized/deserialized. Spring is used to build the REST web services. Jersey is used to build the REST web application. You need to use Spring and Jersey together. I suggest you start with the Spring Framework tutorial for building web services using RestTemplate and RestTemplateBuilder. You will then create POJOs that represent your resources. The REST web services will use RestTemplate to talk to the REST web services. The REST web services will use RestTemplateBuilder to build a RestTemplate that will communicate with the REST web services. Good luck. Insufficient Homeopathic Health Care in Europe? Researchers at the German Society of Homeopathy are currently investigating the presence of homeopathic health care providers in Europe, because they have observed a lack of homeopathic health care. Their results indicate that over 80% of German patients with rheumatism who request homeopathic treatment are not prescribed this form of treatment. The authors assume that this discrepancy in health care provision between homeopathy and conventional medicine is in part due to the “power of suggestion.” According to Tobias Angermeier, a member of the scientific advisory board for the Society of Homeopathy in Germany, convincing patients of homeopathic therapy seems to be relatively easy, because these therapies are generally perceived by the public as natural remedies. A European study of 10,700 rheumatism patients in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany has found that they ac619d1d87

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